Equitable Development

Racial and social equity are embedded principles in the Seattle 2035 Comprehensive Plan, the City’s primary long-range planning document.

Lesson learned: Including RSJI principles in City planning documents is a significant step forward, but it doesn’t guarantee those principles will be implemented. We must do more to match our actions with our words.


RSJI developed a Racial Equity Toolkit for implementation of the Seattle Preschool Program. The Initiative also was instrumental in Seattle Public Schools’ passage of its “Ensuring Education and Racial Equity” policy. RSJI helped the District create its own Racial Equity Toolkit and provided training to administrators and teachers.

Lesson learned: Every long journey begins with a first step. Supporting Seattle Public Schools to make significant policy changes is a long-term project.

Criminal Justice

RSJI partnered with the Seattle Police Department to hold a series of open community workshops on institutional racism and ways to improve relations between the community and police.

Lesson learned: Community members value safety in their neighborhoods … but they also want to see real changes in law enforcement culture, policies and practices.