1. Establish goals, track outcomes over time and report annually on the City’s progress. To create results, we will use the RSJI Community and Seattle City Employee Surveys, community data, and people’s stories and experiences.
  2. Apply a racial equity lens to all of our work. The Mayor’s Performance Plans with department Directors will require at least four uses of the Racial Equity Toolkit and use of the Inclusive Outreach and Public Engagement Guide on programs, projects and service changes.
    • Departments will be required to report annually to the Mayor and Council on their use of these tools.
    • We will track usage and share examples.
  3. Establish and strengthen Equity Teams for:
    • Education
    • Criminal Justice & Public Safety
    • Equitable Development

    These teams bring together community members and their City counterparts to raise up issues and push for equitable solutions.

  4. Increase our commitment to reflect community in the workplace. In 2015 – 2017, RSJI will support the Seattle Department of Human Resources’ efforts to build a City workforce that reflects the racial make-up of our community at all levels and pay grades.
    Support departments’ internal RSJI Change Teams with new resources to engage their departments on RSJI.
  5. Challenge City leadership, including managers and supervisors, to more consistently model the principles and practices of RSJI by:
    Providing support and resources to City departments’ Change Teams.
    Meeting the goals of the Mayor’s Performance Plans for departments.
  6. Establish an RSJI Assessment Program to review departments’ work and City initiatives. The assessment will help departments prioritize racial equity in all aspects of their work – from workplace practices and hiring to outreach, programming and policy.