By 2017, the City of Seattle will:

The movement for racial equity includes grassroots community, organizations, philanthropy, governments and other institutions. We all have different roles to play; we are all working together to end structural racism and achieve racial equity.

2015 – 2017 RSJI Equity Strategies and Outcomes

What will success look like?

The 2012 RSJI Three Year Plan report concluded with the words,

“Since the beginning of Seattle’s history, racism has existed even as many worked to put an end to it. As a community we have made it to this point thanks to the efforts of those who came before us. We believe that Seattle residents have had enough of the status quo, and that we are ready to end the effects of racism in our city. The current state of affairs is not carved in stone; it is something we can change …”

We cannot measure progress on racial equity through actions alone; we must measure it through results. Moving forward, the Race and Social Justice Initiative will set measurable targets, track progress and report results. We will use our resources to empower community leadership. And we will use our influence to shift the region’s agenda and put achieving racial equity on the greater Seattle region’s front burner.

We believe that change is not just possible; in fact change is happening. In the next three years, Seattle’s Race and Social Justice Initiative is committed to changing the City of Seattle as an institution and supporting the community’s vision of systemic change.

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